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Don't feel the need to thank me for faveing an artwork of yours- make more biatch!


Quick Face Study by snaggle-berry
Quick Face Study
Gosh, my picture naming skills have just shot through the roof, ammiright? 
Life drawing. The bane of my Monday mornings. This is a quick face sketch from our last unit, trying to capture the tone of an old man's physique in...about 10 minutes, I think?
Charcoal, because I am messy as all heck. 
Percy doodle by snaggle-berry
Percy doodle
I was supposed to be texturing a Cubee model for CGI. But I doodled a Percy. Because they gave us two hours. And who takes two hours to flat texture a square? 
I miss my babies. They all need a redesign tbqh.
Classwork: Scriptorium by snaggle-berry
Classwork: Scriptorium
Oh gosh, hi hello! I want to try and get back onto Tumblr, after...what has it been? A year? Properly? 

Have a piece of classwork I've been staring at for about a week. We're doing a layout project based on the title of an 'Artist's studio', so I've been designing the messy Scriptorium of a 13th century Monk (who doesn't give a damn any more and doodles naked women in his illuminations. Because I like making oddball characters, okay?) with a downward camera pan to the book in the center there. 
This has kind of been demoted to lighting thumbnail, as the perspective is way off everywhere, so I'm letting myself post it up here!
(so basically, everything wrong with it? I know. I have line graphs of how wrong it all is. )
Walking City reference: Tomos and Mathias by snaggle-berry
Walking City reference: Tomos and Mathias


AHAAA. AHA AHA. GUESS WHO'S BACK. MATTY'S BACK. BACK AGAIN. Because the world needs more spoiled man child in it. (If he's a ghost, and Tomos is here, does this make this a technical sequel to Childs Play?) 
Art and characters by :iconmystic-snail: and :iconsnaggle-berry:

(It's funny because I sketched that main picture way way back in like, April, and then the smaller one of Tomos at the bottom right there a week or so ago. And hoo boy that improvement.)


Name: Tomos

Age:  25

Species: Elf

Personality: Tomos has never wanted much in life.  He likes things to be simplistic, and sees no reason to be rude or insulting to anyone.  Elves, in his world, are employed as servants and labourers, and are generally feared and looked down upon by human society as second class citizens, but Tomos has never had any inclination to rise above his station. He believes he is perfectly happy where he is, and is both submissive and polite to those around him.

He hasn’t yet realised that his own subservient nature and friendliness allows most people to walk all over him, and shoves aside most feelings of anger or rebellion as bad and awful, as this was how he was trained as a child.

He spends a great deal of his time apologising for Mathias.

History:  Tomos lived in squalor, with his non-magical parents in their cramped one room home till the age of ten, when Archibald Quincey, an esteemed and wealthy merchant, offered to hire the child to work at his estate. Wishing for their baby boy to have a safe and secure life, they agreed; Tomos was quickly bundled up with tearful kisses and hugs and sent to the manor when he received the brand upon his neck proving his place in the household. There, Tomos lived relatively happily as a personal manservant, doing household chores and running errands. Until one day he stumbled upon a crown in a hidden cave outside the city. Finding the old thing novel, he put it on and was quickly consumed by ancient magic, making him throw the thing off and run home in terror.

Ever since then, with or without the crown, Tomos has been harbouring the talkative and demanding soul of a dead king.

Abilities: Tomos has a general manipulation of magic, a skill that was used to be commonplace among his ancestors but has been dying out in the years since. His isn’t strong enough to really be considered a threat (elves seen to have strong magical powers are often put to death in infancy) but, with effort, he can manage small displays of telekinesis or minor healing.  However, magic takes time both to charge and to take place, and often exerts energy Tomos can’t afford to spend if he wants to remain in control.

Strengths: intelligent and amiable, mild magical capabilities, extremely diligent and hard working

Weaknesses: Cowardly and subservient, physically weak, entirely unused to taking charge, easily controlled by Mathias, or anyone with a slight amount of charisma.


Name:  (formerly his Majesty, King) Mathias Arkengarthe

Age:  Died at 35, currently around the 400 mark. After death, he is only consciously aware of the time he's spent in Tomos’s body, and is unaware of his time spent as a body-less ghost.

Species: Formerly human


Loud, arrogant, selfish and rude, Mathias is a perpetual toddler stuck in the body of a grown man. He desires constant attention and praise, and often does very little to earn it.  He was raised, spoilt, knowing he would one day be King, rarely ever hearing the word ‘no’. He takes it for granted that everyone must know of his royal status and importance.

Mathias is stubborn to a fault, and refuses to accept that nobody remembers him, or will obey him. His general response to not getting his own way is loud childish tantruming and threats of royal punishment (none of which he can carry out). Mathias will also order Tomos to carry out any mundane tasks he does not wish to perform, such as travelling or work, taking anything pleasurable or interesting for himself. Thankfully for Tomos, his grip is also rather tentative.

He despises, and is utterly terrified of, all aspects of magic and magic users, regardless of who they might be, and will always overreact to their presence. He feels entirely justified in this view, as his death was brought about by magic.


Mathias is a King lost to the history books.  His reign over Tomos’s land lasted no more than a few months, and ended in his abrupt disappearance and demise. He was, as expected, an appalling ruler, taking no interest in the lives or concerns of his subjects, and was more interested in the various wars and vanity projects he could partake in.

His first winter as King as an exceptionally hard one. Due to a poor harvest, and poor management, many people perished. Mathias, of course, was fine, as were those of the upper class, but the land was in almost ruins thanks to the King’s lack of action. Life continued like this, with Mathias simply refusing to listen to reason or send aid, and soon people grew desperate. The elves, having lived in peace with the human population for a good number of centuries, were the first to take action. The Elders reasoned that a new King was required to save the Kingdom from its ultimate downfall at the hands of an idiot. And so Mathias was lured to a far off cave, and slaughtered, quickly and quietly, and with nobody but the elven sorceress who carried out the deed even aware of it.

Mathias was cursed to haunt the cave where he died until an elf chose, willingly and happily, to free him. None ever did, and so Mathias was left to rot. Until, quite by chance several hundred years later, a young elvish servant happened upon the cave, and the remains of the King’s old crown. Knowing nothing of the curse, or the caves history, he put it on. Mathias’s soul, no longer having a body to reside in, was bound to Tomos’s own, causing both people to now exist in the same vessel.

He very often refuses to believe he ever died, as he can’t remember his time spent haunting the cave, although he often complains of nightmares featuring dark enclosed spaces and painful magic.

Abilities: Mathias was an exceptional swordsman in his day, and even after several centuries of rusting in a cave, he hasn’t quite lost his touch. He considers his lack of magic to be a major positive, and he loathes Tomos’s own magical ability.

Strengths:  Brave to the point of stupidity, exceedingly talented swordsman, can be very charming when getting his own way.

Weaknesses:  An absolute idiot; easily manipulated and tricked, refuses to learn from his mistakes, and will often level his failures onto someone else, his ego very often comes first, and it is very easily deflated, doesn’t get on well with others, unused to controlling a body such as Tomos’, shouty.


Other information:

Mathias’s possession is by no means entire. He lacks both the substance and intelligence to take over completely, and has no desire to do so, either.  He considers Tomos his manservant, and will often make him do things he doesn’t want to do; like walking or errands.

Whenever one soul is in control, the other is fully conscious of what is going on around them, but they are unable to talk or move their body about at the same time. Tomos, as the original owner of the body, tends to have a stronger grip on his control, but Mathias will often override him whenever he feels his is being ignored, or when Tomos is stressed or frightened, or simply not concentrating hard enough.

Tomos Owns a necklace that he keeps with him at all times, a gift from his parents and the only thing from before his employment that he owns. He is fluent in both English and the native Elfish tongue; he tends to think in the latter, causing great annoyance from Mathias in the brief moments they share thoughts.  


So it looks like my quest to get into university is finally at an end! And it's ended in the best possible way. I've had interviews and portfolios and travellings galore, but finally, finally this week I've received the unbelievable news that I've been accepted into Arts University Bournemouth.
I'll be studying animation with tutors from Aardman and Disney, and guys, this is like a dream come true for me! I'm sorry I've been keeping this all under my hat for so long, it's been a busy couple of months. Now I just have to knuckle down and get the A Levels they want from me. 

Hope you're all doing well! Hopefully I'll be able to relax a little and actually spend some time on here come the Summer.


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United Kingdom
:heart: :iconmystic-snail: :heart:

Well isn't this a pleasant surprise? Someone paying me an actual visit? How wonderful! Do sit down and make yourself comfortable; I hope you like strawberry tea!
Nice to meet you- My name is Snaggle.
I'm small, of the teenagery girlish persuasion, and I, like you and (I hazard a guess to say) most of the population of this little site, enjoy my fair share of art.
I'm not a brilliant artist- heck knows I have a long, long road ahead of me on the way to saying that I'm good at what I do.
But I like to think I'm a nice artist- not good, not bad, just...nice- you know?
I'm really too young to be anything but.

I have my own little webcomic dreams here too (heck- who doesn't?). If you'd like to take a gander and maybe be slightly entertained (or at least mildly distracted) by the story of a girl and a puppet then please, by all means take a look at my gallery (I adore critique, every nice artist should).

Well, that's me. Please, feel free to drop me a message, note or quick critique- I love to know that someone's noticed me in this huge, big city of a place.


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