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Don't feel the need to thank me for faveing an artwork of yours- make more biatch!


Tim Burton Boq by snaggle-berry
Tim Burton Boq
More Boq. Because reasons. And fun lighting practise.

I adore the 'Tim Burtonesque' style. We had a talk in class the other day from a guy who worked on the Corpse Bride as an animator, and it was utterly amazing. So I think I found myself just a little inspired.
Pile of Ocs by snaggle-berry
Pile of Ocs
I sketched this as a tumblr sidebar for myself. A little pile of my favourite menfolk.
I believe I meant to put something in the top left there, but I gave up/ quietly forgot.
Francis, Arthur, William, Percy and Mathias (King-of-the-weirdly-shaped-head)
Quick Face Study by snaggle-berry
Quick Face Study
Gosh, my picture naming skills have just shot through the roof, ammiright? 
Life drawing. The bane of my Monday mornings. This is a quick face sketch from our last unit, trying to capture the tone of an old man's physique in...about 10 minutes, I think?
Charcoal, because I am messy as all heck. 
Percy doodle by snaggle-berry
Percy doodle
I was supposed to be texturing a Cubee model for CGI. But I doodled a Percy. Because they gave us two hours. And who takes two hours to flat texture a square? 
I miss my babies. They all need a redesign tbqh.
Classwork: Scriptorium by snaggle-berry
Classwork: Scriptorium
Oh gosh, hi hello! I want to try and get back onto Tumblr, after...what has it been? A year? Properly? 

Have a piece of classwork I've been staring at for about a week. We're doing a layout project based on the title of an 'Artist's studio', so I've been designing the messy Scriptorium of a 13th century Monk (who doesn't give a damn any more and doodles naked women in his illuminations. Because I like making oddball characters, okay?) with a downward camera pan to the book in the center there. 
This has kind of been demoted to lighting thumbnail, as the perspective is way off everywhere, so I'm letting myself post it up here!
(so basically, everything wrong with it? I know. I have line graphs of how wrong it all is. )
So it looks like my quest to get into university is finally at an end! And it's ended in the best possible way. I've had interviews and portfolios and travellings galore, but finally, finally this week I've received the unbelievable news that I've been accepted into Arts University Bournemouth.
I'll be studying animation with tutors from Aardman and Disney, and guys, this is like a dream come true for me! I'm sorry I've been keeping this all under my hat for so long, it's been a busy couple of months. Now I just have to knuckle down and get the A Levels they want from me. 

Hope you're all doing well! Hopefully I'll be able to relax a little and actually spend some time on here come the Summer.


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United Kingdom
:heart: :iconmystic-snail: :heart:

Well isn't this a pleasant surprise? Someone paying me an actual visit? How wonderful! Do sit down and make yourself comfortable; I hope you like strawberry tea!
Nice to meet you- My name is Snaggle.
I'm small, of the teenagery girlish persuasion, and I, like you and (I hazard a guess to say) most of the population of this little site, enjoy my fair share of art.
I'm not a brilliant artist- heck knows I have a long, long road ahead of me on the way to saying that I'm good at what I do.
But I like to think I'm a nice artist- not good, not bad, just...nice- you know?
I'm really too young to be anything but.

I have my own little webcomic dreams here too (heck- who doesn't?). If you'd like to take a gander and maybe be slightly entertained (or at least mildly distracted) by the story of a girl and a puppet then please, by all means take a look at my gallery (I adore critique, every nice artist should).

Well, that's me. Please, feel free to drop me a message, note or quick critique- I love to know that someone's noticed me in this huge, big city of a place.


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